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Hey! Thanks for coming through to check out my blog. I have to acknowledge the 

fact that this is a bit outside of my comfort zone but this year has been all about stepping through fear and doing that shit anyway. 

After my junior year of studying film whilst living in Atlanta I soon realized that I would rather be doing makeup professionally. So, I have spent the last 8 years working as a freelance makeup artist and beauty influencer doing everything from weddings, to small films, and fun youtube videos.


I'm starting this blog because I am in a space where I'm in between the person  I used to be, and who I am becoming. A lot of times it seems we are living in our own shadows, comparing our lives to what appears to be perfect via, social media. But I am here to remove the veil of perfection society has cast upon us and share bits of myself with you. 


My intention is to inspire black women alike to journey inward and live in our truth. 

I am an advocate for healing and being intentional about living a life with purpose, a new yoga enthusiast, a budding wellness blogger (yes i know, another one!), and a passionate beauty lover staying curious about life!

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