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Quickest chic starter loc hairstyles (6 months)

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Hey loves! 

I will be 6 months loc’d on October 4th and so much has changed since the beginning of this journey. I won’t bore you of those details right now but if you happen to want to see some of my journey from the start feel free to check out my youtube page. I retwist my locs about once a month and this is around that time when I am coming up on the retwist date but it’s not exactly time yet. These locs tend to want to do whatever they want to do but here are some cute ways to style your hair if you’re short on time and patience.


Style #1

On a typical day to day, I am really simple with my locs. I don’t over manipulate them because my edges and nape are is super fragile and the quickest way for me to get out of the house is here with style #1. The simplest style of them all just requires scooping the front of my hair over to one side and fluffing it into an unperfect bob length hairstyle.


Style #2

One of my most coveted hairstyles during this journey has been two space buns/half up half down. I mean, like how cute is this shit?? At one point I wondered if my 33 year old ass had any business wearing a modern version of pigtails but then I realized I was being ageist. That type of thinking is exactly what’s wrong with society today.. Wear your shit the way you wanna wear it despite your age.


Style #3

My last easy style is a play on the classic mohawk. Now while i’ve never been one to play around with this silhouette much, this edgy but glamorous style could be worn on multiple occasions. Not to mention, it’s basically 3 buns starting at the top of my head and going down vertically so it took very little effort. I like my hair a little “messy” but clean it up for a neater look if thats your thing.

Happy styling fellow loc’d babes ! Let me know some of your favorite styles in the comments.

Peace + Love

Hillary P. Sessoms

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