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So, what does Hill say anyway?...

This blog has been a long time coming but to be honest it almost didn’t happen. I have always been one to “overshare” my life experiences in some capacity and blogging seemed liked the vessel that would allow me to share some of my thoughts on a broader scale. The thing is, I have had some big time resistance around the idea of having a blog because my immediate thoughts were always, “who really reads those things anyway? I sure don’t.” But for the sake of getting out of my own way, and the possibility that there’s one soul out there who actually takes the time to read more about me and my interests, here we go!

“Whathillsaid” actually started over on twitter, the social media app I used to feel most comfortable with because I loved to “express myself” in the worst way. Twitter is the app where you get to essentially say anything on your mind and I couldn't think of some catchy cute phrase for a name so I figured well, what would I say on this thing anyway? What will I say? What did Hill say?... you get my drift? So when Instagram came around I figured I could just use my same name for that platform even though the draw was more about posting images and not words. I ran with it anyway and here we are. It’s a good thing I do have a lot of shit to say. 

Speaking of instagram, it got to the point that I just couldn’t take the phony highlight reel and play along with this idea that we should only post our most perfect moments. I started using my insta as a way to hopefully relate to like-hearted individuals who are interested in more than just a gorgeous photo. I mean, maybe i’m using the wrong app all together but im so passionate about building community it became worth the try. I noticed after talking about some personal matters on the platform that people really wanted to engage about certain topics. A part of me was nervous about exposing some of my truths, but the other part of me knew that in order for me to use this app in a way that feels good to me… I had to speak from honesty. Plus there is nothing in my life that anyone can shame me for. All of my experiences up to this point have brought me here, yeah even the most embarrassing gut wrenching ones. Its just something about sharing connections with others that makes you feel like you’re not alone in this world. 

So whether it's my metaphysical deep talks, hair/makeup/fashion, self-love/motivating, or foodie posts.. I hope you find some corner of this blog that resonates with you. 

Peace + Asè

Hillary Perkins

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