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Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Hi everyone. Here are some sweet moments I wanted to share with you. Some things that I am absolutely loving through these challenging times. I am doing my very best at protecting my energy + continuing to stay grounded in Source, The most high. The love that really guides me daily and reminds me of my power so that I may navigate this plane with grace + compassion for first self + then others.

Hope you enjoy :)

Coffee +/or tea in the morning makes me so happy. There's something so special about slow mornings when you have time to fully awaken by a warm beverage. The time I spend making the coffee/tea kind of gives me inspiration for the day, to think about what lies ahead. It also gives me a few moments to be in the now, to be present + grateful.

Right now the tea I'm loving is chamomile + Red Raspberry leaf as I prepare for my moon cycle. The way I take my coffee is with honey + oat milk, sometimes a dash of nutmeg.

My deep love for yoga returns after a long hiatus from my practice. This time is usually ritualized for me as a way to honor my mind, body + spirit. So you know I gotta set the mood with goodies like candles + incense.

I took this really dope yoga class with a black queer womxn ran community that go by blkTemple. They have weekly yoga classes that are donation based, as well as host workshops + events for BIPOC. Here's how I was feeling after the class...

Cooking my meals can be a pretty ritualized time in my day as well. Sometimes Im lazy and I eat the processed bullshit that I know is toxic for this precious vessel of mine. But when I'm centered + focused on the healing I typically snap back into home chef mode + prepare most of my meals. I have found this time to be so therapeutic to just zone in on the creation of a meal, made with so much love.

The intimacy of asking that the earth provide me with the richest of nutrients + from consuming a meal I prepared.

I love to get outside as much as I can. Being in close divine communion with nature while I read, or take pictures, or sit in stillness. Okay, sometimes I'm scrolling the gram + listening to loud children curse on the playground while they're mom's aren't near too.

I ordered some waistbands from a black woman owned company, Mora's Waist beads, discovered on the gram. No lie, ever since I've put these bad boys on I have felt so incredibly grounded + sexy. I did pray over them and set intentions for the preparation of adorning my body with them so maybe I gave em some extra umph.

I have a love for all things boho decor right now... like, obsessed.

I love self care + sometimes self care is just... chillin.

Self care is also spending time with this little girl. Sending her so much love + telling her how amazing the grown up version of her is. I love revisiting with different ages of me, giving that particular age of Hillary what she needed at that time.

I couldn't leave this post without acknowledging the love for my gorgeous loc babies!! In a couple of weeks I will have been on this ride for a full year + I just can't believe how fast this time has gone. A lot of us in the #loccommunity can rush the process + wonder when our length is gonna grow at super speed but when I realized how quickly my year went, I had to appreciate the early days of starting because I was just hoping they'd come out okay.

But they are FLOURISHING, in my braggadocious opinion.

From one being to another..

Love + more Love

Hillary Perkins

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